Plan Your Own Valentine’s Day Party

Yesterday I posted images from a styled shoot I recently planned. One thing that I loved about this shoot was that the decor really didn’t require much work but still looked very cute. I love pretty decor and food, but if the creating stage of a party is a large amount of work and money, I might back out along the way. Here’s  how I created this decor:


The dishes might be your hardest item to locate for a party. I borrowed these from my grandma (thanks, Grandma), but I acknowledge that the average individual might not have access to beautiful, pink dishes. You can easily exchange these dishes with your own white kitchen dishes, pick up a cheap/fun dish option from Target (such as these or these), or even use an upscale paper plate option. The same goes for the glasses.


I bought the silverware at the Dollar Store for $1, and then I spray painted the bottoms gold.

I lucked out on the napkins. I found these in the clearance section at Target and only paid $1 per napkin! The fact that they were threaded with metallic gold and silver was too good to be true!


The heart boxes are from Hobby Lobby, and I sprayed them with two costs of gold spray paint. Be sure to use the Hobby Lobby app to get 50% off.


The table runner was made from left-over Christmas wrapping paper (purchased from Target). I simply measured and cut the size that I needed, and then I attached it to the table with some Scotch tape. This fun heart-shaped runner would look good by itself or would be cute over a simple wrapping paper like I used.


I used the “centerpiece” that I did because I wanted to save money and avoid purchasing expensive flowers. I was hoping the local drugstores would have some cheap options, but when I struck out, I opted for this simple option. I had this serving platter, and I bought Valentine-themed candies from the grocery store. If you don’t have a serving platter, you could opt for a simple platter and fill it with just one candy choice. Originally, when I was planning on using flowers, I spray painted cans (canned food cans) that were going to serve as vases. That’s another easy option!


The Singer piece of furniture was something that we bought for our wedding, but if you are interested in purchasing a piece like this for your own party, do not be dismayed! This only cost us $20 at a local antique store.

The hanging-heart backdrop was so easy to make, and I loved it so much I still have it hanging up! I printed out a heart pattern that I then traced onto different color papers. I cut the hearts out, and then attached them to white string with Scotch tape! I knew I wanted the backdrop only in the center of the wall, but you could easily make a backdrop that spanned your whole wall.


I covered a desk with a table cloth so that it would work as a serving station. I borrowed this table cloth, but again, Target has many affordable options (such as this or this).


The red drink dispenser was a wedding gift I received, but so many stores sell beautiful drink dispensers for affordable prices. Kohls, Target, Gordmans, and TJ Maxx are all good places to look for affordable dispensers. A simple pitcher would also work fabulously!


The fun jewelry was purchased from Forever 21.


Now for the food! I was blessed to have Kristen make all of the food, but you can easily recreate what we served or make your own menu.


The drink was a simple lemonade + Sprite Zero mixture with raspberries for garnish (if you can garnish a drink…).


Kristen made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. You could also make these adorable red velvet cheesecakes. We plated the cupcakes on one of my dinner plates.


I picked up the shot glasses from the Target dollar section, and Kristen made delicious truffles with chocolate pudding, angel food cake, and a whipped cream/Greek yogurt mixture.


The popcorn containers were also from the Target dollar section. You can find the recipe for this popcorn on Kristen’s blog.


I hope this gives you some guidance for your own Valentine’s Party and/or ignites your creative juices for other decor and food ideas! If you have any questions, let me know!

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